Hotfix Lifecycle

This process is triggered when there are showstopper bugs that need to be deployed to production before the next release. Generally, a Jira ticket will be created that describes the showstopper bug.

  1. Create a new hotfix branch

     git checkout master
     git pull --rebase
     git checkout -b release/0.8.16-hotfix1
     git push -u origin release/0.8.16-hotfix1
  2. Configure the openboxes-release linked respository to point to the new branch so that commits/merges to this branch will be compiled and deployed to the OBNAVSTAGE server automatically.

  3. Review the hotfix ticket OBPIH-1234
  4. Create a new branch for your hotfix

     git checkout release/0.8.16-hotfix1
     git pull --rebase
     git checkout -b OBPIH-1234
  5. Make changes to the code

  6. Test the changes locally
  7. Commit the changes

     git commit -m "OBPIH-1234 Describe the hotfix"
  8. Push the changes upstream

     git push -u origin OBPIH-1234
  9. Create a pull request targetting the release/0.8.16-hotfix1 branch

  10. Code review
  11. Merge code to release/0.8.16-hotfix1
  12. Bamboo automatically builds and deploys the new version.
  13. Test the changes on OBNAVSTAGE
  14. Deploy to production