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Tagging a Release

Build Number: v0.5.0-329-gc1b3544 

In this case, the tag v0.5.0 is out-of-date, so we want to update this to v0.5.1. We first need to find the commit related to this build number (e.g. c1b3544). You can view the commit log to view the history or you might need to browse through old commits on github to double check that it's correct.

$ git log --pretty=oneline | grep c1b3544

Create tag release

Once you've determined that this is the correct commit and you're ready to create a new tag, run the following command:

$ git tag -a v0.5.1 -m 'Release 0.5.1' c1b3544

Push tags to git remote repo

Then you can push this (and all other tags) to your repository to share:

$ git push --tags

Additional reading

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