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Installation on Windows Server

Unfortunately, there's no official documentation for installing on Windows. We recommend using Linux (Ubuntu, in particular) because that's what we use. However, OpenBoxes works well on Windows so you're more than welcome to go through the installation process yourself.

Eventually, we will have time to put together official documentation for a Windows installation. In the meantime, here's a raw video of a Windows installation (including several gotchas to watch out for) that we recorded in August 2019. It was done on Windows Server 2008, but it should work fine on Windows 10+.

Or click here if video playback is not working above

Looking to contribute?

If you do go through the installation process yourself and would like to contribute back to the project, we would love for you to email us your notes / docs from your installation process or you can create a pull request to add installation instructions yourself. In either case, we'll be sure to give you credit for the contribution.